West Ridge Nature Preserve, Park Advisory Council (PAC)

Chicago Park District

Above in 2015: West Ridge Nature Preserve's September grand opening.

Now in 2020: Celebrating five years of flourishing flora, fauna and programs this fall.

We Strive to Protect and Enhance

the Native Biodiversity of the Preserve

for People and Wildlife.

Our Members and Volunteers

Advocate, Educate and Work. 

Preserve Walk-in Entrance at 5801 N Western Ave

(Intersection of Ardmore & Western)

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Please Note

   Nature Preserve Closed to the Public

With feelings of sadness but relief, we report the temporary closure of our nature preserve. Due to Covid-19, the Chicago Park District shut and locked the gates on Friday, April 10.

Of utmost importance is protecting the health of the community. Because of our narrow trails and relatively small footprint, social distancing has been difficult. Additionally, the unusually high number of coronavirus cases in the West Ridge community underscores how crucial it is to reduce the possibility of too many people in one space.

Of lesser importance in the face of a pandemic, but still of concern to a natural area, has been the disregard of certain restrictions by a few of our visitors. In particular, the damage done to our native grasses, plants and shrubs by people going off trail is significant.

As we protect ourselves and others, the preserve will undergo the renewal of spring. When opened once again, it will be here for us to enjoy and protect. See Activities Page.

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